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Sitting amid my family’s old honey tins, this bunny might just get a taste. As a child, my grandfather always kept bees here on the farm. I remember hearing that when he got stung (which was often) he would just mutter under his breath and carry on. One of these tins was from his own production!

Each original watercolour painting begins with a detailed pencil drawing. The drawing process involves real-life objects from our farm, the use of my own photo references of our resident wildlife, and many pattern and colour studies. The wallpaper patterns seen in many of my pieces are created from scratch… from doodle to design! As for the watercolour itself, all of the pieces are painted on a hot-pressed block using fine brushes, watercolour paint and pencils and, as yet, no magnifying glass.

Date: 2019

Size: 8X8” watercolour with 14X14” acid-free, double mat

Frame: Framed in a gallery-style basswood frame stained in walnut, ebony or driftwood


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