Cori Lee Marvin has a non-traditional approach to watercolour... combining a flowing and loose medium with a precise and detailed style. Crisp, clean images and deep, saturated colours give her paintings clarity and depth. In many of her pieces, highly realistic subjects emerge in unusual surroundings and this juxtaposition creates intriguing visual stories. If nature and wildlife are transplanted indoors into still-life settings, the results are both startling and calming. Cori’s love of nature and the pull toward still-life have resulted in an unexpected yet compelling pairing. Cori has been working as a full-time artist for 20 years. She has also worked as a freelance illustrator and contributed to a number of educational children’s books. As a participant in many fine art shows across Ontario, she was recently awarded first prize at the New Art Festival in Ottawa, Best in Painting at the Haliburton Art and Craft Festival, Best in Watercolour at the TOAE and The Carolyn McIntire Smyth Special Award at the Cabbagetown Festival in Toronto. All of the images from Cori’s paintings are pulled from their surroundings here in Northumberland County. She lives on a hundred acres of beautiful land… forests, streams, hills, and fields, all teeming with life. The farm outbuildings and generations of family artifacts provide the settings and backdrops for all the creatures and stories in her work.

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